Isko stops aides from carrying execs’ bags

December 10, 2019

HEADS of departments, bureaus and offices at the Manila City Hall were warned by Mayor Isko Moreno against using any of their subordinates to carry their bags for them, saying such is no longer allowed under his administration.

Moreno also said such officials will be made answerable to him should they make such odd jobs like carrying their bags as the basis for them to promote an employee, moreso if such is done to the detriment of a more qualified one.

Domagoso said the policy for promotion is clear — length of service and qualification.

‘Wala na ‘yung kumare, kumpare, kaibigan, kakilala o taga-hawak ng bag ni department head. Dati, usong-uso kasi na nanga-alila  ang bisor ng kapwa empleyado.  Ipinagbabawal natin ‘yan. Bigyan nyo ng dignidad ang kasamahan nyo katulong nyo din yan,’ Moreno said.

According to Moreno, there used to be some abusive officials who tug along their subordinates while promenading in the nearby mall just for the purpose of carrying their bags and the items they had bought.

The mayor made the pronouncements as he also vowed that the days are gone when employees have to find connections and plead with the latter just to get a much-deserved promotion.

‘Nung araw, kailangan ninyong kaharapin o magmakaawa sa pipirma o sa kakilala ninyong ‘malakas’ sa alkalde. Me punong-lungsod na ngayon na kikilalanin ang mga kakayanan ninyo,’ he assured.