Isko welcomes Muslims

December 20, 2019
Isko Moreno
Mayor Moreno assists Muslim women during their visit to him. Photo by Jerry S. Tan

MAYOR Isko Moreno called on all Manilans not to discriminate against their fellow Manilans on the basis of their gender, ethnicity and religious beliefs.

Moreno said Manilans must embrace their fellow residents and treat them like they themselves want to be treated.

The pronouncement was made by Moreno as he welcomed members of the the Muslim community who visited him recently.

‘All of you are welcome in Manila. As long as you live fairly and peacefully, you are  welcome just like all the rest,’ the mayor said.

Moreno went on to recount the role that Muslims played in and their rich contributions to the country’s history.

‘We will make you feel that you belong and have the right to stay and continue helping us..the city government,’ the mayor said.

Moreno added: ‘Help us spread the word that our Muslim brothers can do busines, study and live in Manila. Don’t ever think that you are different We are all equal immaterial of our beliefs.’

‘Dito sa Maynila, walang babae walang lalaki walang bakla walang tomboy walang mayaman walang mahirap lahat pantay-pantay,’ he stressed.

Moreno had consistently shown care for members of the Muslim community as in fact, he vowed to have a cemetery for Muslims.

He said that if there is a Chinese and Filipino cemetery in Manila, there should also be one for Muslims, noting the expense entailed by having to transport their dead to their respective provinces just to give their departed loved ones a proper Muslim burial.