Isko’s dance video gets over a million viewing

October 27, 2019
Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno in a huddle with some of the MACHRA members. Those in photo are (from Moreno’s rght, clockwise) MACHRA president Itchie Cabayan, and officers Mylene Gregorio (Bulgar), Juliet de loza-Cudia (Abante/Abante Tonight), Verlin Ruiz(Pilipino Mirror), Jhun Anzures and Jerry Tan( (People’s Journal). In the middle are vice president Andi Garcia (Police Files Tonite) and Mary Ann Santiago (Balita).

A VIDEO of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno dancing to the tune of a 1990s hit went viral over the weekend,with over a million viewing it and still counting.

The video posted on Facebook by People’s Tonight reporter and columnist Itchie G. Cabayan, has gained a total of 16,700 reactions, 4,400 comments and 61,800 shares as of 12 noon yesterday.  This puts at a million, at the very least, the number of people who have viewed the said post.

The video, taken by Cabayan who is also president of the Manila City Hall Reporters’ Association (MACHRA), came after Moreno initially refused, albeit politely, those prodding him to join the hospital staff dancing in front of him to the tune of ‘Dying Inside To Hold You.’

The said song, along with its choreographed dance steps, became popular during Moreno’s days as a teen heartthrob back in the 90s and during his stint at the entertainment show ‘That’s Entertainment.’

Moments later, Cabayan, who was with the mayor in her capacity as a beat reporter covering the event and as a friend of long standing, set her video ready, went to Moreno and began egging him to give in to the requests from the crowd.

Though still a bit hesitant, Moreno finally gave in but first smilingly told Cabayan ‘salbahe ka’ before standing up and doing his signature dance moves, to the delight of those present.

The incident took place at the Ospital ng Maynila during the program that was held after Moreno opened a new bloodbank, hemodialysis unit and TB-DOTS center there on the occasion of his 45th birthday.