Law enforcers’ common goal: Fight drugs in NCR

September 27, 2019

TOP officials of the National Capital Region Police Office, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, National Bureau of Investigation and the Joint Task Force NCR of the Armed Forces of the Philippines yesterday met and forged an alliance to pursue their united stand against all forms of illegal drug activities and their protectors from the government specially the so-called ‘narcos in uniform.’

NCRPO director, Major General Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar spearheaded the meeting of the NCRPO ‘Quad Intel Force’ Against Illegal Drugs at the NCRPO headquarters in Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan, Taguig City where they discussed updates on the ‘Drug Queen Diagram’ and the necessity to come up with a protocol on sharing of information.

“This is part of our common goal to shield Metro Manila from the proliferation of illegal drugs,” Eleazar said.

In a joint statement, the officials  led by Eleazar, PDEA-NCR chief, Director Joel Plaza, NBI-NCR Director, lawyer Cesar Bacani and JTF-NCR, AFP commander, Brigadier General Alexander Luna said they have agreed to fully consolidate their effort to win the war on drugs in the metropolis.

“The aggressive campaign of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte against illegal drugs has been very successful, that is an undeniable and undisputed fact. The reduction of crime rate by at least 58 percent in Metro Manila since July 2016 based on the NCRPO data and the difficulty in illegal drugs transaction by drug syndicates and their minions as verified by our respective intelligence reports are proofs that we are on the right path of reducing the illegal drugs trade to an insignificant level, if not totally eliminate the drug menace, at least in Metro Manila,” the officials said.

“But all these accomplishments were always sidelined by reports of wrongdoings not only by the so-called ninja cops but also of what we describe as ‘narcos in uniform’ that include those in other law enforcement agencies. This is an unforgiveable act equivalent to a mortal sin in as far as the government law enforcement agencies are concerned.

The recent reports of the involvement of rogue policemen in illegal drugs transactions did not only affect the morale of the law enforcement agencies running after illegal drugs syndicates but also taint, once again the President’s earnest efforts to solve this drug menace,” they added.

The officials agreed that “this is the time to act and consolidate our efforts to deal a final big blow to the illegal drugs syndicates in Metro Manila.”

The top Metro Manila anti-narcotics officials said they met in Camp Bagong Diwa to show ‘a united stand in the campaign against illegal drugs by forming the first-ever formal alliance of the PDEA-NCR, NCRPO, NBI-NCR and the JTF-NCR to run after the scalawags in our ranks, consolidate our intelligence and operational plans to shield Metro Manila from the entry of new drug supplies and at the same time, sweep all the illegal drugs that have already been distributed in the metropolis.’