Local ‘Big Ben’ chimes in Manila

July 11, 2020
Isko Moreno
The new “Golden Clock Tower” of the Manila City Hall. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

MANILA Mayor Isko Moreno is proud to introduce the local version of “Big Ben” in the city with the “golden look” of refurbished Manila City Hall Clock Tower which signifies a beacon of hope and pride for the citizens of Manila.

Moreno said the clock, which is the local version of ‘Big Ben’ will have more improvements in the coming days.

“Big Ben” is the nickname for the Great Bell of the striking clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London.

“This is to make it worthy of being an icon or the foremost attraction in Manila and more attractive to the resident, as well as to local and foreign tourists. The refurbished icon symbolizes hope and pride among the citizens of Manila despite the pandemic,” Moreno said.

The tower’s dome and the clock’s face have been painted gold. At daytime, the golden dome glows brightly when struck by the sun. At night time, a stationary warm white lights illuminate the clock tower.

Moreno said the clock is being checked regularly to make sure it is synchronized with the Philippine Standard Time (PST).

The new'' Golden Manila City Hall Clock Tower", the biggest in the country, was designed by Antonio Toledo and completed during the 1930s.