Lolo stabs lola over messy leak

October 10, 2019

THE 69-year-old man fixed the messy drip in the 53-year-old housewife’s kitchen. Gruesomely, the hands that had tinkered with the woman’s pipes were the same ones that stabbed her over and over moments later. After the attack, the victim looked like a mini-fountain of blood with red liquid spurting everywhere from her wounds. All because she continued complaining of the water leak.

A 53-year-old housewife was stabbed and critically wounded by sexagenarian man following their heated altercation Thursday afternoon in Taguig City.

Dolores Barcia, 53 of No. 197 Sitio Una, Zone 1 Brgy. Fort Bonifacio sustained multiple stab wounds in the body and was still under observation at the Taguig-Pateros District Hospital.

Taguig police chief P/Col. Alexander Santos said his men are now hunting down Miguel Olivas, 69, of 100 Sitio Una, Zone 1, who fled after the incident.

Investigation showed that at around 1:05 pm., Barsia confronted Olivas regarding the water leak in her kitchen which was earlier fixed by the suspect in exchange for monetary consideration.

At the height of their argument, the suspect went home but after a few minuets returned, already armed with a bladed weapon, and stabbed the victim repeatedly in the body.