Mandaluyong gov’t, police set for Undas

October 30, 2019

Before Mandaleños commemorate their deceased relatives on November 1 and 2 this year, Mandaluyong City’s public cemetery has already implemented digital technology in the basic services at the Garden of Life Park cemetery.

Mayor Menchie Abalos and other city officials went to the public cemetery to inspect its directory kiosk, 3D online directory, and database system, the first of its kind in the country, as well as the preparations made by the city government for this year’s celebration of Undas.

Visiting residents and relatives will have less time looking for the location for the niche or columbary (burial vault) of their deceased, thanks to the Garden of Life Park’s directory kiosk setup at the cemetery’s main office. Similar to a digital concierge, relatives will just enter the name of the deceased and the kiosk will show a map where the niche or columbary is located.

Then, the Garden of Life Park’s 3D online directory is another service of the public cemetery that is similar to the directory kiosk but uses the Internet and is available online. It is accessible at Mandaluyong City’s website, (Garden of Life Memorial Park).  Users can search the name of their deceased relatives and a 3D image of the niche or columbary will be shown. This service, which can be used on a desktop computer or mobile phone, is ideal for people living outside Metro Manila or abroad who cannot personally visit the cemetery.

Meanwhile, the cemetery’s database system is the customized computer applications dedicated to the employees of the Garden of Life Park to improve the operations and delivery of basic services to Mandaleños.  

“Through the use of technology, data can easily be viewed and updated, and services can be delivered faster and easier,” said Engineer Arman Comandao, head of the City Planning Department at the City Hall that created the directory kiosk and the 3D online directory for the public cemetery. “We can now easily look at the information of the cemetery such as the population or the available spaces we have at the cemetery.”

“We wanted to improve the delivery of services not only by providing the proper infrastructure but also by applying technology. This is just one example of our efforts which we hope to implement in other government services,” said Mayor Abalos.

In 2007, former Mayor Benhur Abalos started the modernization of the city public cemetery into a one-stop-shop by establishing a chapel, crematory, columbary and funeral services for deceased residents. Now, Mayor Menchie Abalos is continuing the modernization of the city public cemetery with the use of digital technology to improve its services.