Manila declares ‘Panday Sining’ persona non grata

December 07, 2019
Honey Lacuna

THE city government of Manila declared as persona non grata the militant group called ‘Panday Sining’ which earlier owned responsibility for vandalizing the newly-painted City Hall underpass.

Manila Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, who is also the presiding officer of the Manila City Council, said the entire council unanimously approved the resolution authored by Councilor Uno Lim and amended by DJ Bagatsing (4th district).

In the said resolution, the city council declared that the said group of vandals are not welcome in Manila.

Lacuna explained that Councilor Uno Lim has authored a resolution just condemning the said group but during the ensuing discussion and debate, Bagatsing’s proposal to go a notch higher was adopted so that the group was declared ‘persona non grata.’

‘This was done to put more teeth in the resolution and further strengthen the condemnation of Panday,’ Bagatsing said.

‘We must never allow anyone or any group to wantonly disregard public property and blatantly disrespect the mayor and the city of Manila at the same time,’ Bagatsing added.

Lacuna said the resolution, which is an expression of general sentiment, came about after the same group again did the same thing during the Bonifacio Day rally.

It will be recalled that four of the said group’s members were arrested by the Manila Police District for defacing posts of the LRT and an island as they joined a rally.  They were also reportedly responsible for spray-painting a wall of the Araullo High School.