Manila had cleared road obstructions even before Duterte’s order –– Lacuna

September 01, 2019
Honey Lacuna
Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna with MPD Director Vic Danao, Jr. explains to media that Manila had already cleared major roads of obstructions even before President Duterte order the local government to reclaim public roads.
Photo by Jerry S. Tan

THE city of Manila has long been compliant with the order to clear public roads of vendors and illegal structures and is just in the process of maintaining it.

This was declared yesterday by Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna, who said that the compliance was achieved “because we have Mayor Isko Moreno, a leader who really means business.”

“The city of Manila need not race against time to meet the 60-day deadline to comply with the orders of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to reclaim public roads which are being used for private ends and clear them of illegal structures, since all such roads in Manila have already been cleared two weeks ago,” she said.

Lacuna said that Mayor Moreno, already cleared major roads and thoroughfares’ such as Divisoria, Carriedo, Soler and Juan Luna, days after he assumed office and even before President Duterte delivered his 2019 State of the Nation Address (SONA), where the chief executive enjoined all local officials to exercise their powers to reclaim public roads which are being used for private ends and, rid them of illegal structures and constructions.