Manila’s SMART may have your stolen phone

September 21, 2019

VICTIMS of cellphone thieves are invited by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to visit the office of special mayor’s reaction team (SMART) chief Maj. Jhun Ibay and check if their cellphones are included in the bulk recently confiscated by SMART in two malls where “GSM” or “galing sa magnanakaw,” cellphones were being sold.

Moreno said  Ibay’s team confiscated 148 branded cellphone units in Isetann Cinerama in Recto and Tutuban Mall in Binondo wherein they also nabbed six cellphone vendors, including a 14-year-old boy.

Moreno  has directed the SMART team to continuously inspect malls and even independent stalls or sidewalk vendors selling second-hand cellphones and warned that like the one selling stolen cellphones, buyers are liable under the law.

“As a buyer of GSM cellphone,  you would never know if the owner of the unit you are buying was seriously wounded or even killed for it, considering that holduppers are usually armed either with bladed weapons or guns and the suspects readily harm their victims once they resist,” Moreno said.

The mayor added that those selling cellphones need to show proof of ownership while buyers must demand it when purchasing a used cellphone to make sure it is not stolen.