MMDA eyes carousel ride on EDSA

July 02, 2020

A MORE accessible, convenient and faster mass transport system awaits commuters with the full implementation of the EDSA Carousel project.

According to MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim, designating the innermost lane of EDSA exclusively for buses will help decongest traffic, thus reducing travel time from north to south entry points of EDSA and vice versa.

“We are prioritizing the movement of more people on Edsa through a more efficient mass transport system,” Lim stressed, following the inspection on Wednesday of loading and unloading bays for the new bus scheme, together with several members of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Metro Manila Development.

Travel time during inspection was 50 minutes from Monumento to MMDA office in Guadalupe, with two short stops at Main Avenue and Santolan.

As this develops, Lim said the agency's Traffic Engineering Center (TEC) is looking at the possibility of closing several U-turn slots within the stretch of the dedicated bus lane for unimpeded travel to ensure faster mobility for the commuting public.

Lim stressed that the convenience of the commuters is the topmost priority of the agency, adding that the agency will work on the suggestions and ideas raised by the congressmen to further improve the busway system and the infrastructures.