Montero malfunctions, rams 3 vehicles, people

August 29, 2019

Manila 2nd DistrictCouncilor Numero ‘Uno’ Lim yesterday clarified that he is safe and sound, amid rumors that he met an accident while driving his car.

In an interview, Lim said he had just gotten off his car, a Montero Sport 2012 model and was to attend the regular session at the Manila City Council when the accident happened at around 12 noon yesterday at the middle portion of the LRT fronting Manila City Hall.

Lim said that ten to 15 minutes after directing his driver to park the car, he had barely warmed his seat at the council when his driver, Sonny Cristobal, called him up and reported that their car had a sudden unintended acceleration (SUA).

Quoting his driver, Lim said the car rammed three vehicles, including one that belongs to a television station and several individuals, though none of them suffered major injuries.

Lim said Cristobal then decided to ram the Montero on one of the LRT posts to prevent further damages both on property and people and put the vehicle on halt.

According to Lim, it was his vehicle that suffered  the most damage since its front portion was a total wreck. He also made it a point that the people who got injured, no matter how minor, have been taken cared of and that all the damages sustained by other vehicles were settled immediately.

Lim said Cristobal was also injured when his chest hit the steering wheel and caused him to vomit a lot.

It was learned that Cristobal had been driving for Lim for the past nine years.