More raids vs illegal Chinese clinics sought

June 22, 2020

OFFICIALS of homeowner association of Multinational Village in Paranaque City urged yesterday authorities to conduct another inspection following reports from local police that there are more underground Chinese clinics in the gated subdivision.

“If there are more illegal Chinese clinic or hospital inside Multinational Village, let us raid and finish it off now,” said Arnel Gacutan, president of Multinational Village Homeowners Association Inc. (MVHAI).

Last Saturday, city health officials and the Mayor’s team in coordination with the local police raided the second illegal clinic in a posh subdivision reportedly being used to treat and test coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients, mostly Chinese nationals, resulting in the arrest of Yongchun Cai, 51, Chinese national, was allegedly managing the illegal clinic.

On May 29, the National Bureau of Investigation-Task Force Against Illegal Drugs raided an underground illegal clinic found inside a house on Timothy Street, in the Multinational Village, Barangay Moonwalk and arrested Liang Junshai, Pingqiang Long, Yanyun Jiang, and Tang Hong Shan.

Gacula said the MVHAI is respecting the NBI’s jurisdiction over the case. He explained that the association has no authority to pursue a separate investigation and deferred to the authorities as to the disposition of the case.

A week after the NBI raid, City Police chief Col. Robin Sarmiento issued a media statement confirming that there is a possibility there are more underground Chinese clinics in Parañaque because there are many Chinese nationals who reside in the city.

On this note, Mayor Edwin Olivarez immediately directed Sarmiento to launch an immediate operation against the establishment, following the request of residents who asked the local government to frequently inspect the village.

Residents informed Olivarez that several Chinese nationals were seen frequently entering the commercial buildings, rented homes and condo units in the village.

According to Gacula, they have recorded about 3,500 Chinese nationals residing in the subdivision since December last year. Majority of the Chinese are employees of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators or POGOs.

However, the foreigners are now only about 1,200 after they were stranded in their respective countries after the national government imposed a nationwide lockdown last March.