Navotas bans minors from computer shops

September 15, 2019

IN a bid to strengthen the city’s efforts to protect children, Mayor Toby Tiangco has ordered closure of computer shops that defy ordinances on computer shop regulations and disciplinary hours.

Tiangco instructed the City Business Permits and Licensing Office (CBPLO) to issue notice of violations to computer shops that allow minors, unaccompanied by a parent or guardian, to enter and stay in their establishments during school hours or beyond 10 p.m.

If found to have three or more unaccompanied minors in its premises beyond curfew, the computer shop may face closure and revocation of business permit.

In his letter, Tiangco cited complaints received through the Text Johnrey oR Toby (TEXT JRT) facility that several computer shops violate City Ordinances No. 2014-08 and 2017-16.

Under City Ordinance No. 2014-08, computer gaming shops or centers are strictly prohibited from allowing the entry of students of minor age during school hours and beyond 10 p.m., except when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The mayor wrote that CBPLO should interpret Section 11 as implying that one unaccompanied minor constitutes one offense for the computer shop. Thus, three minors would be treated as three offenses, warranting closure of the establishment and revocation of their business permit.