No ‘Christmas Break’ for vendors’ ban along roads

November 10, 2019

THERE will be no ‘Christmas break’ in so far as the ban on vendors along major roads and thoroughfares in Manila is concerned.

Thus declared Mayor Isko Moreno, amid rumors that the vendors will be allowed to again occupy the streets that have already been cleared during the Christmas season.

Moreno stressed that gone are the days when vendors literally lord over the busy streets of Manila including major thoroughfares, to the detriment of the public who need them.

‘Nakagawian na kasi yan.Pag panahon ng Kapaskuhan, lahat ng kalsada puno ng vendors. Ang katwiran, tutal Pasko naman.  Tapos alam nyo na kung ano ang kapalit,’ Moreno said.

The mayor stressed that the efforts put by the city government into the clearing operations and busting syndicates thriving on illegal vendors just to be able to give back major roads to motorists and pedestrians is no joke.

‘We have to consider the greater good of the greater majority— the pedestrians, commuters, motorists and residents of Manila in general— who are adversely affected by the lack of roads they could traverse or walk on. These roads are beyond the commerce of men,’ Moreno said.

It will be recalled that among the first directives given by Moreno the moment he assumed mayorship is the clearing of what used to be vendor-filled major roads like Divisoria, Recto,  Juan Luna, Soler, Blumentritt and Quiapo, among others.

The move was hailed by the residents and motorists as the said roads were restored by Moreno to being passable and as such, traffic was no longer a problem.

Complaints on cutting trips have also been solved since the public utility vehicles can now pass along the said roads which are now open for public use, after they were closed to traffic for years, since they were occupied by vendors from end to end.