Oil firms cut prices anew

September 02, 2019

FOR the second consecutive week, big and small oil firms will implement another slight reduction of petroleum products effective today, Tuesday.

PTT Phillippines, Seaoil, Petro Gazz, Total Philippines, Eastern Petroleum and Flying V reduced their gasoline and diesel prices by P0.10 centavos per liter effective at 6 a.m. today.

Major oil firms Pilipinas Shell, Petron Phiilippines and Chevron Philippines also announced the same reduction of all their gasoline and diesel products and kerosene at  P0.15 centavos per liter, also at 6 a.m. today.

Earlier on Saturday, small oil firm Cleanfuel announced the reduction of prices of their gasoline by P0.10 centavos per liter and diesel by P0.20 centavos per liter which took effect Sunday at 4:10 p.m.,

Energy sources said oil companies rolled back the price of petroleum products to reflect the movement of rates in the international oil market.