Pasay targets nuisance vehicles

November 04, 2019

THE Pasay City Government will intensify a crackdown against all types of vehicles, especially motorcycles and tricycles, using modified mufflers with excessive sound which causes public nuisance.

Mayor Imelda “Emi” Calixto-Rubiano said the crackdown was based on City Ordinance 6009 otherwise known as “Anti-Modified Tail Pipe Ordinance passed by the Sangguniang Panlungsod and was approved last June, 2019.

Mayor Emi said in all vehicles, including motorcycles, the muffler was installed in line with the exhaust silencer pipe to minimize the noise but some owners remove its original silencer and replaced it with modified mufflers that caused undesirable sound.

The City Ordinance states that “Excessive noise is a serious hazard to the public health and welfare, and that, exposure to certain levels of noise can result in physiological, psychological and economic damage,”.

“Any sound becomes unwanted when it either interferes with normal activities such as sleeping, conversation or disrupts or diminishes one’s quality life”.