PNP has 100 new highway patrolmen

THE Philippine National Police has a total of 100 new Highway Patrol Group agents who will be wearing the distinctive HPG Stetson hat and shining boots as they patrol the streets and go after armed car thieves, hijackers and highway robbers, PNP-HPG director, Brigadier General Eliseo DC Cruz told People’s Tonight.

The 100 new Patrolmen on Wednesday took their oath of office before Cruz who challenged them to really ‘serve and protect’ as guardians of the country’s highways.

The 100 new HPG Patrolmen, 13 of them females will receive a monthly salary of P29,668 and are among the many rookie cops who simultaneously took their oath of office before PNP chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa via zoom as part of the police force’s social distancing program.

The others are new Patrolmen from the different Police Regional Offices and other PNP National Support Units.

“I congratulate you all for a job well done. What you went through to be here at this moment is far from a walk in the park. What you had to endure and sacrifice is known only by the Patrolman and Patrolwoman beside you, including us who made the same decision as you,” Brig. Gen. Cruz told the new ‘Guardians of the Highways.’

The PNP-HPG director challenged the new policemen to be the role model in their neighborhood and while performing their duties.

“As you now formally take on the role of being guardians of our nation’s highways, the challenges you will face as uniformed law enforcers shall take on many varying shades and subtleties,” he said.

“Not a few of these will try very hard to diminish or, worse, dismantle the very values and principles that build up your moral fabric. Your character and resolve will be tested daily by people and circumstances,” he added.

The PNP-HPG director said that unlike those in the movies and television series where police do heroic and impossible things to thrill the audience, the reality is that the new PNP operatives will be doing a much difficult job.

He said that although the popular ‘Ang Probinsiyano’ series of ABS-CBN is also far from reality, the capacity to dirty one’s hands thru corruption and abuse of police powers is as real as it gets.

“Fellow Guardians of the Highways, do not allow such thing to happen. Do not allow the drive, eagerness, idealism, vitality and selflessness that you now possess be watered down or washed away by anything or anyone,” Cruz said as he called the new policemen to always think of the word ‘values.’

“In everything you do and every place you go as Guardians of the Highways, I urge all of you to heed my words and remember this saying-they are not mine, but worth the memory: “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”