Police arrest 23 rallyists in strike vs food firm

November 10, 2019

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, November 10) — Police on Saturday arrested 23 protesters, rallying against Regent Foods Corporation in the company’s production plants in Taguig and Pasig City.

The Eastern Police District said the rallyists “became unruly” and threw stones, wood and metal bars at security personnel which led to their arrest.

Labor group Defend Job Philippines condemned the arrest and claimed the police “violently” dispersed the crowd during the protests. It also claimed the police arrested 24 people including a tricycle driver who was just a bystander.

“Several striking workers have been reportedly wounded during the clash,” it said in a statement.

The labor group said the workers were protesting against Regent due to impending lockout, relocation of operations or runaway shop, union busting as well as to demand “regularization, higher wages, better benefits, safe workplaces and right to union.”

Police brought the arrested rallyists to the Pasig City Police station to file the necessary criminal charges against them but Defend Job Philippines said the workers will also file counter charges.