Print media thanked for promoting Manila

October 12, 2019

MAYOR Isko Moreno thanked the print media for helping him promote Manila and making the public aware of the reforms that are being introduced in the city now under his administration.  

Speaking before officers and members of the United Print Media Group Philippines, Moreno said he is very grateful to the print media for giving him and his programs free exposure by publishing his government’s actions and pronouncements.

Moreno said he is aware of the high cost of advertising which is why he thanks the members of the print media for publishing the city government’s reforms and actions free of charge.

“The constant coverage of what we had been doing in Manila had been very helpful in promoting the city not only locally but worldwide and encourages the people of Manila to cooperate and participate in our programs of government,” he said.

In return, he said the print media can expect ease of doing business in Manila through the shortened processes established and tax amnesty being offered to all businesses in the city, which includes print media organizations.

Moreno cited the newspapers as a reliable source of news: “Dumaan sa mga tamang proseso, mga  rekisitos bago nailathala ang bawat salita sa isang pahina whether magazine o newspaper so malaki pa din ang value ng print media.”

The mayor said the biggest challenge now for print media is adapting to technology “where what you will read in tomorrow’s newspaper, you can already read in advance via online.”