QCPD civilian employee faxes ax for drug use

A FEMALE non-uniformed personnel of the Quezon City Police District has tested positive for substance abuse and is now facing criminal and administrative charges which will lead to her dismissal from government service without any benefits, National Capital Region Police Office director, Major General Debold M. Sinas said yesterday. 

According to the Metro Manila Police chief, NUP Olivia Cordero was among the QCPD uniformed and non-uniformed personnel ordered subjected to a surprise drug test by QCPD director, Brigadier Gen. Ronnie S. Montejo when they attended a seminar on the status and disposition of administrative and criminal cases of QCPD members in Camp Karingal last June 20.

Sinas said that  before the start of the seminar, the venue was ordered locked up and all the participants including non-uniformed personnel presented were required to submit their urine specimen for a random drug test.

He said that all the QCPD personnel tested negative for presence of shabu or marijuana except for Cordero whose urine specimen tested positive for shabu during the initial screening. The same urine sample also tested positive for presence of methamphetamine hydrochloride during a confirmatory test conducted by the Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory with the use of its CGMS equipment in Camp Crame.

The NUP was ordered relieved from the QCPD and transferred to the NCRPO Regional Personnel Holding and Administrative Services. She will be facing administrative charges for grave misconduct.

Sinas said a background check conducted by the NCRPO Regional Intelligence Division showed that the QCPD civilian employee had previous drug-related charges.

In 2019, she was said to have been apprehended by Shoe Mart security guards for alleged shoplifting. During a routine inspection, the suspect’s purse reportedly yielded shabu.

Sinas said as a result, the accused was charged with illegal possession of drugs. She also tested positive for drugs on that year although she was not relieved from her post while undergoing summary hearing procedures.

“I was informed that the Camp Karingal venue was closed down and all QCPD personnel present were directed to undergo a drug test. As a result, the NUP was not able to leave the place and was forced to undergo the surprise drug test,” Sinas said.

Last Thursday, 25 Makati City policemen all tested negative for drugs during a random drug test conducted by the Southern Police District Crime Laboratory Office, said SPD director, Brig. Gen. Emmanuel B. Peralta.

Sinas has ordered the regular conduct of random drug test on members of the NCRPO as part of their effort to ferret out their personnel who are using shabu, marijuana and other illegal drugs.

Last week, he said an 11th member of the Metro Manila police who tested positive for substance abuse  has been disarmed and relieved from his post to undergo summary dismissal proceedings.

In a report to Philippine National Police chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa, the official identified the policeman as Patrolman Robert Buenavente of the NCRPO Regional Mobile Force Battalion. Sinas told the Journal Group that Pat. Buenavente has been stripped of his service firearm, badge and other government-issued properties and transferred to the NCRPO Regional Personnel Holding and Administrative Unit.

Sinas said Buenavente was among the 196 personnel of the NCRPO-RMFB who were subjected to a random drug testing the other Monday. “Of the 196, he (Buenavente) was the only one who tested positive for shabu during an initial screening test and later the confirmatory test,” he said.

Gen. Gamboa earlier ordered Sinas to further intensify their crackdown against rogues in uniform in Metro Manila as he commended the latter in his no-nonsense effort to unmask and fire cops who are involved in illegal drug trafficking and abuse.

The official also called on the NCRPO Regional Internal Affairs Service  to subject the policemen and NUP to a pre-charge investigation and summary hearing procedures in preparation for their dismissal from the police force.

All 11 tested positive for methamphetamine abuse during a surprise drug test and later, in confirmatory test using the Crime Lab’s GCMC machine or Gas Chromatography Spectrometer Equipment, the Metro Manila police director said.

The official has ordered the NCRPO Regional Intelligence Division to seek the assistance of the PNP Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group  headed by Brig. Gen. Ronald O. Lee in investigating all NCRPO personnel who will be found to be using illegal drugs.