Tiangco urges unity in fight vs COVID-19

June 27, 2020

NAVOTAS City Mayor Toby Tiangco made use of international movie heroes as an example to his constituents on how to overcome the challenge of coronavirus disease (COVID)-19.

“Kahit ang Voltes V kailangang mag-Volt in, ang mga Avengers, nagsama-sama laban kay Thanos, tayo rin ay dapat magtulungan para mapagtagumpayan ang hamon ng COVID-19,” Mayor Tiangco told his constituents.

The mayor said that even if only one person in the city got infected with COVID-19, all of them are affected so they have to get united to beat the spread of the virus.

He also revealed that on Friday afternoon, another patient infected by the virus died while 13 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were added, bringing a total number to 460.

Despite the pain and fear, the city chief executive said they felt a sigh of relief upon knowing that an additional 18 more patients were recovered from illness and were allowed to go home to be with their families.

The mayor said that as part of the campaign against the spread of COVID-19, the local government is now pushing for Test, Trace and Treat program apart from continued disinfection, implementing safety measures and other projects to protect the health and welfare of the people.

He said it is the duty of everyone to follow the implementing rules and guidelines set forth by the city government in order to protect, not only oneself, but also their love ones.