Train drags man in Tondo

October 02, 2019

AN employee from the Manila City Hall was killed on the spot after being dragged by a Philippine National Railways (PNR) train while crossing the railroad tracks in Tondo, Manila yesterday morning.

Florante Dupan Aguilar, 54, assigned at the engineering department and residing at Maria Guison Street in Tondo, was said to have been dragged about a hundred meters away from the site of impact.

A report from P/Cpl. Marvin Lais of the Manila Police District (MPD)-Jose Abad Santos Police Station said that the accident occurred at past 6 p.m. on Triangulo-Antipolo in Tondo.

It was reported that the victim had just bought bread and was on his way home when the accident took place.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family reportedly blamed the operator for allegedly not sounding the horn to warn the public of an oncoming train.