40 penal colony inmates escape

November 10, 2019

FORTY prisoners who were freed due to Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) and surrendered to authorities in response to the call of President Rodrigo Duterte to return to jail amid the GCTA controversy escaped from the penal colony in Puerto Princesa, Palawan on Saturday.

This was confirmed yesterday by Iwanig Prison and Penal Farm spokesperson Levy Evangelista adding that the former prisoners might have become impatient waiting for their formal re-release.

It was learned that the former inmates left the penal colony on Saturday not through the main gate.

The report added that the inmates had been wanting to go home but were requested to stay and wait for some processes to be completed by the Department of Justice.

Evangelista said they will just ask the inmates to return once again and wait for their formal release papers to make everything legal.

In September, President Duterte ordered convicts who were freed on the basis of the GCTA law to surrender within a 15-day period or they would be considered fugitives.

The GCTA law became controversial when it was revealed that among its supposed beneficiaries was convicted rapist-murderer former Caluan, Laguna mayor Antonio Sanchez.