87 BI police graduate from Customs training institute

THE Agila Class 2019 of the Customs Training Institute  on Monday graduated at the Bureau of Customs, Port Area, Manila.

The new Customs police completed the six months basic course conducted by the BOC-Interim Training and Development Division (ITDD) and the Enforcement and Security Service (ESS) that were designed to teach the security officers to understand their mandated duties and responsibilities.

It covers general discussion on the knowledge, competencies and skills of special agents in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities following the provisions of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA) and allied laws, rules and regulations.

Aside from seminars, the Customs police also underwent actual training on pistol and rifle marksmanship, close-quarter battle and agent survival training.

The Agila Class 2019 five topnotchers were Lady Claire O. Adorico, Archer P. Peniza, Abdurahman L. Ampaso, Jielene Kely E. Espera and Amil Rafsanjanni A. Basman.

“Agila “ stands for “Alagad ng Gobyerno na Iaalay ang Lahat para sa Aduana.”

Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero congratulated the newly-graduated Customs police.

In his speech, Guerrero stressed that part of the BOC’s 10-Point Priority Program is to increase the manpower efficiency by getting the right people who will help the Bureau pursue its reform agenda by strictly following the rules, implementing the policies and maintaining the highest standards of discipline, excellence and integrity. 

The Customs chief also reminded the graduates of their  role as frontliners in ensuring and keeping the Bureau’s integrity, as well as in fulfilling its mission to protect the border against smuggled goods and other contraband.