Abused husband, LGBTQ included in anti-VAPC bill

September 30, 2019

ABUSED husband s and members of the LGBTQ community are now covered by House Bill No. 4888 or the Anti-Violence Against Partners and their Children (Anti-VAPC) bill.

Rizal Represetative  Fidel Nograles, a member of Lakas-CMD, said the bill aims to amend the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004 (Republic Act No. 9262) to include male partners among persons afforded protection by the said law.

The bill said brow-beaten husbands, or under de saya, may seek protection once the bill Is approved into law.

“This  bill shall prohibit all forms of violence against partners and their children, in private and public life, and provides maximum protection and effective remedies for victims and punishment of offenders,” Nograles said.

He explained  that “the bill also expands the covered acts under R.A. 9262 to include electronic violence done against partners and their children.” 

Nograles added that the measure’s primary purpose is to weed out violence and abuse in relationships regardless of gender.

“We must recognize that there are also male partners who are victims of abuse, yet are unable to report such incidents because of prejudice,” he said.

The solon also seeks to include as an act of violence the creation of fake social media accounts to sow intrigue and inflict harm.

“Violence and abuse do not discriminate. Babae man o lalake, at miyembro ng LGBT, may suffer from the deleterious effects of an abusive relationship. It’s government’s duty to protect everyone,” he stressed.