Angkas has no right to complain -- solon


ANGKAS has no right to complain, according to  PBA Party-list Represetative  Jericho Nograles.

Nograles said  Angkas should follow the order of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

Nograles said the motorcycle taxi operator has no business questioning the decision of the LTFRB to reduce its fleet of riders from 30,000 to 10,000 and should even be thankful that they are allowed to operate even without any governing law.

Nograles added that Angkas should first answer the question about its 98 percent foreign ownership, which could be the basis for the shut down of  its entire operation because their operation is a clear violation of the  Constitution which requires that all public utility companies should be 60 percent Filipino-owned.

The solon said  the operation of Angkas is in the pilot stage and not covered by any government franchise like other  public conveyances, so the  LTFRB can take any action they see fit to protect public interest.

“May naipasa na House Bill 8959 na pinapayagan ang motorcyles-for-hire kaso kinapos ang oras na ‘yung Senado at hindi sila nakapasa ng counterpart bill. Ang ang sitwasyon po sa Kongreso ay pending po lahat ang mga bill na ito at nag-aantay po tayo ng hearing.  In the meantime, ang legal status ng motorcyle-for-hire ay wala pa talaga silang totoong prangkisa at sila ay naka-test mode.

“Ang tanong, may legal basis ba ang gobyerno na bawasan ng gobyerno ang test vehicles? Ang sagot diyan ay ‘yes, may legal basis ang gobyerno’ dahil wala pang karapatan na mag operate ang motorcycle-for -hire ang mga Angkas, Joyride etcetera at kailangan nilang sumunod sa patakaran,” he stressed.

Nograles noted that since Angkas is  provisionary in nature, the motorcyle taxi hailing app operator has no choice but to follow the directives of the LTFRB or  face  hefty fines for violation of existing law governing public conveyances.

Nograles said  the LTFRB can fine Angkas P6,000 per motorcycle per day for operating without any franchise.

“Dapat nga silang magpasalamat na mayroong pilot dahil wala talaga sa batas na pinapayagan ang motorycle para sa mga pasahero,” Nograles pointed out.

Nograles added that the absence of any law that governs the operation of these ride-hailing services such as Grab and Angkas is  responsible for the confusion in relation to their existence and it is important for Congress to expedite the  passage of measures that would set the parameters on the nature of their operation.