Banish bilibid drug lords

September 16, 2019

To end narco trade in Bilibid Prison, party-list proposes dumping jailed drug kingpins on island colony in WPS
TO once and for all end corruption and other irregularities inside the National Bilibid Prison (NBP), ACT-CIS party-list is proposing its transfer to a location with no cellphone signal.

One of the representatives of the ACT-CIS, Nina Taduran particularly proposed West Philippine Sea (WPS) as the best place for the inmates, especially to stop high-profile inmates to do illegal transactions.

Taduran lamented that these convicts are able to continue their trade from inside prison with a simple cellphone, by bribing the prison guards and officials.

In her proposal, the WPS is the best place because no cellphone signal, no guards to bribe, and no means of escape.

“It’s  no secret that big time drug lords inside NBP enjoy special privileges like their own ‘kubols’, and other comforts normally denied to ordinary prisoners, because they literally ‘own’ the corrupt prison guards and officials,” Taduran pointed out.  
“There are numerous islets in the West Philippine Sea near Pagasa island being claimed by the Philippines, where someone with the ingenuity and resourcefulness of these convicted drug lords could survive on their own,” she added.

The lawmaker said that since the AFP is already patrolling the area, they would only need to make sure that no one leaves or enters these islands which could be designated as penal colonies to house these convicted drug lords.

“The move would in fact solve not only all the problems hounding the New Bilibid Prison at the moment, but also help the Philippine government assert its claim over these islands in the West Philippine sea, by populating them with prisoners... Filipino prisoners,” Taduran pointed out.

Taduran added that all the other prisoners in new Bilibid prison might as well be transferred to other penal colonies and the New Bilibid complex be sold to the private sector, with the proceeds to be used as fund for the government’s Build Build Build program.