Better, stronger PH-China ties eyed

December 07, 2019

SPEAKER Alan Peter “Compañero” Cayetano expressed hope for better and stronger economic and diplomatic ties between the Philippines and China.

The two countries will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties in 2025.

His Excellency Wang Ning, Member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China Beijing Municipal Committee, paid a courtesy call on Speaker Cayetano at the House of Representatives.

Speaker Cayetano noted that China is a good friend of the Philippines.

“We hope to strengthen the political relationship of the Philippines with the Communist Party and the People’s Congress,” he said.

The Speaker also proposed that, on the 45th anniversary of the Philippines-China ties in 2020, the two countries can develop a five-year plan as a countdown to 2025.

“I propose that we learn from China’s experience in planning. In 2025, we will be more than neighbors, and we can celebrate our long relationship with China,” he said.

Also on hand was Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines H.E. Huang Xilian.

The House Speaker underscored the good relations that the Philippines has with China.

Wang Ning echoed the Speaker’s statement saying that the country is in fact an old friend of China.

He also extended his invitation to Speaker Cayetano to visit China next year.

“We look forward to working with you. This visit will contribute to our diplomatic relations,” the Chinese official said.

Speaker Cayetano also expressed his gratitude to China for the increase in the number of Chinese tourists and importations as well as for the concessionary loans they have given to the Philippines for the completion of infrastructure projects that benefit the Filipino people.