A big no

Sara Duterte-Carpio

Hugpong Ng Pagbabago founder Mayor Sara puts her foot down on term sharing for House Speaker  NO to term sharing.

This was the stand of Hugpong ng Pagbabago founder and chairman Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

“The HNP will not gun for term sharing. It is counterproductive,” Mayor Duterte said in a text message.

According to Mayor Duterte, term sharing will just slow down the last three years of the administration of President Duterte.

“In term sharing situation, the House of Representatives will be racked by unseating the incumbent Speaker, deceit, dissent and distrust,” she added.

The presidential daughter expressed disappointment at the one pushing for it.

Earlier, Taguig City Rep. Allan Peter Cayetano said that term sharing was the first plan of the Palace but Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco backed out from the agreement.

Cayetano said he and Velasco agreed on term sharing with him seating the first 15 months and the rest 21 months for the latter.

But Mayor Duterte said the term sharing influencers do not seem to care what will happen to the House of Representatives.

“They just want you to install a Speaker and do not think about what comes after,” she said.

Meanwhile, the HNP founder said the Speakership issue should be left to the members of the House and political parties and that includes HNP and Hugpong Tawong Lungsod.

Respect Duterte decision — Pichay

Hands off.

Former Deputy Speaker and Surigao del Sur Rep. Prospero Pichay made this appeal to the Cabinet members who are allegedly interfering in the Speakership issue.

In a statement, Pichay said the Cabinet members should respect President Rodrigo Duterte’s hands-off policy on Speakership fight.

“Leave the President alone and respect his decision to keep off the Speakership fight,” Pichay said.

“As far as the Speakership race is concerned, I think the President has made it clear that he wants to stay neutral, the contenders are all his allies. I am urging the contenders not to bother the President because he has so many pressing problems in our country,” Pichay added.

Pichay said officials of the Executive and Legislative departments must respect the President’s decision not to dip his fingers in the Speakership fight as this guarantees the unity and independence of the 18th Congress.

“I urge the contenders to campaign for the speakership among the lawmakers because whoever has the numbers will have the mandate. If you have the mandate, it is easier for us to pass the legislative agenda of the President because you have the support of the majority of lawmakers,” the Surigao solon pointed out.

“Maliwanag naman ang sinabi ng ating Pangulo na you are all my friends, you are all my allies, I leave it to the lawmakers to decide as to who will be their Speaker. With that, whoever will emerge as the Speaker will have a mandate,” he added.

Pichay said the three top contenders for Speaker— Reps. Martin Romualdez, Allan Peter Cayetano and Lord Allan Velasco – are all qualified for the top House position.

But for a candidate to win the Speakership, according to Pichay, he should campaign to individual congressman and make sure that he has the majority of congressmen standing by his side.

“If you win because you campaign to lawmakers, then you are a real Speaker dahil ikaw talaga ay halal ng majority ng members ng House,” the Surigao solon explained.

“The President has so many things to fix and problems to take care of. Let him do his job. Picking the Speaker is not one of them. The President is right: that job belongs to the congressmen,” he added.

With Jezreel Biscocho