Build Build Build review backed

November 02, 2019

A HOUSE leader strongly supports the review of the government’s Build Build Build program.

Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta said that while he supports the Build Build Build projects, there is  a need to determine if these are worth the taxpayers’ money.

The Department of Finance (DoF) announced the review of the 75 flagship projects under the Build Build Build program.

“What appears to be adding insult to injury is the fact that the implementation of these P2.4 trillion worth of projects is pretty much delayed, or proceeding at a very slow pace,” he said.

For instance, Marcoleta said, out of the 75 big ticket infrastructure projects on the pipeline, only 21 will be finished in 2022.  

This means that 54 scheduled projects have yet to be started and may not insure a “golden age of infrastructure” in the country in the immediate future.

The program shows that only 28 percent will be completed by 2022 and 72 percent still to be completed beyond 2022.

“This purported review by the DoF could bring to light the many attendant issues on how government is doing PPP in the past wherein private project proponents acquire government guarantees and yet impose unwarranted obligations which are detrimental to the government. It is high time that such a comprehensive review of all concession agreements be thoroughly undertaken to preclude these attendant issues from becoming the ‘new normal,” he added.