Cardema denies death threats vs Comelec exec

August 17, 2019

CNN Philippines — Ronald Cardema, chairperson of the Duterte Youth party-list yesterday denied any involvement in the death threats received by a poll commissioner.

Cardema in a press briefing said he even offered to help Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Rowena Guanzon in finding the culprit.

“Kahit na ang initiative to find out kung sinong nangha-harass sa kanya na satin na nanggagaling... every day sinasabi niyang tayo ang nangha-harass sa kanya,” Cardema said in a press briefing at the Duterte Youth’s general assembly.

Cardema turned emotional as he decried how the Duterte Youth has been been portrayed as “bad” because of Guanzon’s allegations.

“Makikita niyo na pinapalabas niya na siya ang biktima; kami sa Duterte Youth ang biktima. Tapos ang lalabas sa media kami yung ano, kami yung masama.” Cardema said, crying.

Guanzon has repeatedly blamed Cardema for the death threats she and her family had received, usually just hours after key COMELEC decisions came out.

The COMELEC First Division earlier this month ruled in favor of a petition to cancel Cardema’s plea to replace his wife, Ducielle Marie Suarez Cardema, as first nominee of the Duterte Youth. He has filed an appeal.

Guanzon said she has asked the COMELEC’s law department to probe Cardema’s possible criminal liability for misrepresentation. The law states that a nominee of the youth sector, which the Duterte Youth party-list represents, must not be more than 30 years old. Cardema is 34. This was among the reasons his substitution bid was rejected. This has prevented the Duterte Youth from assuming its seat in the House of Representatives.
CNN Philippines’ Crissy Dimatulac contributed to this report.