Castro downplays spat with Lacson

September 26, 2019

CHILD’S quarrel is how Capiz Rep. Fred Castro described his rift with Senator Panfilo Lacson, who again dropped a bombshell alleging the solon once attempted to approach him to lobby for a project.

But Castro refused to comment on the latest Lacson claim.

“The issue is now becoming a child’s quarrel. The allegation, being fictional, does not deserve my comment,” Castro said.

Earlier Castro asked Lacson to apologize to the House of Representatives for accusing the members of trying to insert pork barrel in the proposed 2020 national budget.

According to Lacson, the House is giving each Deputy Speaker some P1.5 billion and every member will get P700 million for infrastructure projects for their respective district.

The House leadership denied the allegations of Lacson saying the additional P1.6 billion for the budget of the Lower Chamber will be used for the research and upgrade of facilities in the Batasan Complex.

Deputy Speaker and Cibac Rep. Eddie Villanueva said Lacson is a “liar.”

For his part, Anaka-lusugan  Rep. Mike Defensor expressed disappointment over Lacson’s accusation against its co-equal body.

“I have nothing personal against Sen Ping but when he states that there is pork in the budget approved when there is none, he is not only attacking the institution but the 300 individuals who comprise the House of which 1/3 or 100 are neophyte members,” Defensor said.

“The leadership and the entirety of Congress worked hard to have a record approval of the budget and instead of being commended by a colleague they are instead getting attacked. Where is the fairness and statesmanship there?” he added.