Cops start tracking down freed convicts

September 19, 2019

POLICE and other law enforcement agencies yesterday started fielding tracker teams to go after the remaining convicts freed through Good Conduct Time Allowance who have ignored orders of President Duterte to surrender within15-days.

Philippine National Police spokesman Brigadier General Bernard M. Banac clarified there is “no shoot-to-kill” order against the freed convicts but added police will use necessary force if their targets will resist arrest and put up a fight.

Banac said that PNP chief General Oscar D. Albayalde has also ordered their tracker teams to follow all the prescribed police operational procedures when dealing with wanted persons with the main objective of ensuring the protection of human rights.

“We are encouraging those who are yet to surrender to commit themselves to our police stations so that their names can be logged and they be turned over to the Bureau of Corrections for their own safety,” said Banac’s deputy spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Kimberly Molitas.

“PNP teams are ready to be deployed to account for those who failed to surrender. They all have to be accounted for on orders of the President,” said the lady official.

The Palace on Monday reminded heinous crime convicts who were freed through the GCTA law to surrender on or before yesterday or face arrest.

As of yesterday, a total of 612 convicts have surrendered out of the 1,914 heinous-crime convicts released through the GCTA law since 2014, Malacañang said citing figures from the Bureau of Corrections.

The PNP’s list showed a total of 579 surrenderers as of yesterday.