Court rejects Trillanes appeal vs arrest

January 08, 2019
Antonio Trillanes IV

MALACANANG yesterday hailed the decision of a Makati City court to junk the appeal of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on the arrest order issued against him for rebellion following the revocation of his amnesty.

Judge Elmo Alameda of the Makati City Regional Trial Court Branch 150 dismissed Trillanes’ motion for reconsideration, saying the lawmaker failed to raise new arguments to warrant a reversal of the court’s September ruling.

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said they respect the court’s decision over the arrest order in connection with the senator’s role in the Manila Peninsula siege in 2007.

“While currently at liberty after posting bail, Senator Trillanes must still come to grips with the criminal transgressions he committed as an ingrate and renegade military officer,” Panelo said.

“He may have succeeded in evading his accountability before the law but the law is now catching up on him.”

Panelo reminded Trillanes and “others who are prone to challenge the majesty of the law that it is no respecter of anyone regardless of the political and social status of the violator.”

The issue of the constitutionality of the presidential proclamation that voided Trillanes’ amnesty is pending before the Supreme Court.

The government alleged that the amnesty granted to Trillanes was void from the start because he failed to comply with two requirements — an official amnesty application and an admission of guilt.

Despite Trillanes’ arguments, Alameda sided with the prosecution by ruling that the primary evidence to prove the supposed filing was a copy of the application form itself.

“Senator Trillanes’ comeuppance is finally knocking at his door, and he can only blame himself for the situation he embroiled himself in for he created his own quagmire,” Panelo said.

“What’s happening to him should strike fear in the hearts of those who after being financed by the taxpayers’ money for their education will plot against the government that nurtured them as well as those who use their political power to shield them from accountability as they malign and sow intrigues against persons they dislike even inciting the citizenry to hate duly constituted authorities.”

Another judge, Andres Soriano of the neighboring court, Branch 148, spared Trillanes from arrest for a dismissed coup d’etat case after hearing testimonies that the lawmaker complied with the requirements for amnesty in 2011.