Dengvaxia deaths not fake -- Public Attorney’s Office

December 15, 2018

THE Public Attorney’s Office Forensic team yesterday insisted that the increasing number of anti-dengue Dengvaxia vaccine deaths are real.

The team explained that they have autopsied at least 105 bodies of those who reportedly died from Dengvaxia vaccine.

The team said all the bodies manifested the so-called  “Dengvaxia death pattern.”    

The forensic team pointed out that French pharmaceutical giant and maker of the controversial anti-dengue vaccine Sanofi Pasteur had admitted that Dengvaxia vaccine can cause “viscerotropism, neurotropism, severe dengue and anaphylactic reaction.”

The thousands of adult and schoolchildren who were hospitalized after receiving the Dengvaxia vaccine showed the four fatal risks identified by Sanofi.

“The PAO Forensic Team validated in its 105 autopsies what Sanofi had already declared repeatedly that its vaccine Dengvaxia can cause viscerotropism, neurotropism, severe dengue and anaphylactic reaction-all of which are fatal.

“Those who say that Dengvaxia is safe is misleading the Filipino people and betrays the memory of those hundreds who have died because of the deadly vaccine,” said Dr. Erwin Erfe, of PAO Forensic Team said.  

Erfe stressed that what is “fake” is the statement of those who try to cover up the deaths of hundreds of those vaccinated by Dengvaxia and hospitalization of thousands of children.