Do what is right, Duterte tells new Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office chief

July 15, 2019

NEWLY-appointed Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) general manager Royina Garma said President Rodrigo Duterte ordered her to  simply do what is right, what is advantageous for the agency.

”I just want to inform you that I received  the  marching order of the president to me is to simply to do what is right, what is correct for PCSO,” she said.

Garma retired early from the police force after Pres. Duterte appointed her to become the new general manager of the controversial agency.

Garma, who assumed office yesterday, said she will set  to review the ground operations to improve the agency’s services to the public.

“First order of the day actually is for me to review the operations on the ground. So, will focus on the delivery of services, but of course we will be able to give more sa baba if we will work better, we will improve dito sa taas,”  Garma told the agency’s employees and officials as she resumed office on Monday.

During PCSO’s flag ceremony, the new general manager said Pres. Duterte’s marching order  is to do what is right and correct for the PCSO.

Garma,  a former Cebu City police chief, told PCSO officials and employees to not just work with their heads, but also work with their hearts.

The new general manager stressed she wants to improve the lives of the poor.

“As I studied the Charter of PCSO, isa lang ang magiging parang motto ko in working with you guys, that I hope you will remember this one, that is to make the lives of the poor better, the lives of the middle class comfortable, and the rich to give more. So iyan lang po ang gagawin natin dito,” she said.

Garma said that she had heard many things about the agency -- both negative and positive.

“I have [heard] a lot of good and not-so-good about sa PCSO. Haharapin natin ito nang sabay-sabay (We will face all the issues together),” she said.

Recently, the Commission on Audit (CoA) reported that the PCSO has over P2 billion questionable transactions.