Don’t panic

Janette Garin

Public warned against blindly believing social media reports on virus spread.

Solon allays coronavirus fears

DEPUTY Minority Leader Janette Garin, a doctor by profession, has appealed to the people to keep calm and not panic over the reported coronavirus that is spreading across the world.

According to Garin, panic is not advisable because government will be distracted from effectively addressing the problem.

“Faced with the threat of the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, many of us are scared and panicking at the point of paranoia. It’s one thing to take precautionary measures but it’s another to spread fear and hysteria,” Garin said.

Garin appealed to the people not to rely on text messages and social media posts informing the public that there is a Wuhan coronavirus case in this or that hospital.  

“This is a wrong way to help. Akala ng iba, makakatulong ito subalit panic po ang nagiging resulta nito. Panic should not have a place during these times,” Garin said.

“Panic disrupts proper response to public health problems like what we have now. We always fear things that we do not know. In defense of the Department of Health, DOH will never conceal things as they will be held liable,” she added.  

Garin said the symptoms of 2019 nCov are non-specific and the disease mimics many other respiratory illnesses.

“Kaya madami ang pwedeng maging person of interest. May protocol na sinusundan ang mga hospitals and doctors at bawat informasyon na kailangan malaman ng tao ay agad inilalabas ng ating departamento sa isang presscon na agad namang nilalabas ng iba’t-ibang ‘media agencies’. Dito tayo makinig at sumunod. Huwag maging parte sa pagkakalat ng mga panic triggering messages,” she said.

“Lumalabas din ang mga impormasyon tungkol sa mortality rate at sa rate of transmission ng 2019 nCoV. Idinidikit ang mga numerong ito sa mga nakakabahalang litrato o kaya sa mga click bait headlines para lalong matakot ang mga tao,” she added.

Garin stressed that the mortality rate of 2019 nCoV is lower compared to SARS which is 10 percent, MERS-CoV 30 percent, and Ebola 50 percent.

She noted that novel coronavirus’ rate of transmission is about 4 percent. This is less alarming than that of SARS at 2-5 percent and measles which is at 12-18 percent.

“The numbers aren’t final as experts are still studying the Wuhan coronavirus but it is safe to say that we have been through the worse. Hindi nakukuha ang virus na ito sa hangin, unlike measles,” she also said.

The lady solon asked the people to observe proper hygiene all the time like regular washing of hand, proper disposal of wastes like tissue paper.

“Kung uubo o babahin, huwag gamitin ang kamay pangtakip. Gumamit ng tissue, o bumahin sa may braso, bandang loob ng siko. Seek early consultation kung may mga sintomas nang naoobserbahan lalo na kung may kasamang panghihina ng katawan. Proper rest and diet will boost our resistance. For those who are immunocompromised (the very young and the very old and those with concurrent illnesses), please avoid crowded areas.

“Huwag mag-panic ngunit alamin kung kailan dapat magpakonsulta at ano ang dapat gawin.

“Fake news does not have a place in this world, especially in an outbreak,” Garin stressed.