Duterte to Sara: Being president thankless job

July 14, 2020

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte told his daughter Sara “Inday” Duterte not to run for president because there is no gain in seeking the highest public office unless one is corrupt, Malacañang said on Tuesday.

In a virtual Palace briefing, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque clarified the statement made by the President in a taped speech before soldiers in Jolo, Sulu aired on Tuesday.

“There’s no gain to becoming a President unless you’re corrupt. It’s all public service, that’s what he’s saying,” Roque said.

Quoting the President himself, Roque pointed out that Duterte has repeatedly described the presidency as a “thankless job.”

“Malinaw naman po ang palaging sinasabi ni Presidente kay Mayor Sara. Talagang it’s a thankless job. It’s all sacrifice, walang return, and ayaw niya na ganyan yung buhay ng kaniyang anak,”he said.

Duterte, in his speech in Jolo, cautioned Sara against running for president in the 2022 national elections.

“Day, ‘wag mong pasukin ‘yang trabaho na ‘yan.’ Sabi ko, magtrabaho ka diyan? Wala kang makuha unless gusto mong mamera, ah kaya. Pero kung sabihin mo magtrabaho ka lang presidente,” Duterte said

Since being president won’t earn you that much money, he said the only acceptable reason for running as president is if she had something to offer the nation.

“Suweldo mo PHP194,000. Ang ibang generals dito mas malaki pa sa suweldo ko, totoo lang. Sinabi ko kay Inday ‘wag kang mag-presidente unless you see something na kaya mo para gawain mo sa bayan,” he said.

Though Sara herself has neither confirmed nor denied plans to seek presidency, Duterte has repeatedly discouraged Sara from seeking the presidency, warning her that taking on the challenge as the highest official of the land might only “destroy” her.

In 2018, Duterte said he saw his daughter succeeding him soon but eventually gave it second thought.

He said he does not want his daughter to go through the same experiences he currently goes through. Sara earlier floated the possibility that she might run for president in 2022 and promised to decide by January 2021.