Foreigners working sans permit nabbed

THE Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced the arrest of 105 foreign nationals in a raid on a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company in Biñan, Laguna.

The foreigners were caught on Thursday morning by operatives from BI’s Intelligence Division (ID) in flagrante, working at a BPO without the necessary visas.  

BI Spokesperson Dana Krizia Sandoval said they failed to present any proof of identification during verification formalities.

Sandoval said that of the 105 arrested aliens, 21 were female while 84 were male, adding that there was even one minor—a 17-year-old female—who was obviously trafficked to work here illegally, which brings the number to a total of 106.

According to Sandoval, information about the illegal aliens came from several complaints from the community. She said most of those arrested were undocumented or were able to present only tourist visas and that the roundup resulted in the interception of 97 Chinese, four Indonesians, three Malaysians, a Vietnamese and a Laotian.

“They were arrested for violating the conditions of their stay,” said Sandoval.  “Foreigners are not allowed to work here without the proper visas or permits, she added.        

Sandoval said that the 105 will be detained in the BI’s holding facility in Bicutan, Taguig while ongoing deportation proceedings.  She added that the ID recommended for the release of the minor under recognizance to her guardian but may still be ordered to leave the country by BI’s legal team if found to have indeed engaged in illegal work.