'Hatchet job' on house hit

September 27, 2019
Panfilo Lacson

DEPUTY Speaker LRay Villafuerte yesterday said Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson’s fabricated allegations against congressional members looked on the surface to be a “political misunderstanding but is actually a political hatchet job” meant to damage the House of Representatives as an institution.

Villafuerte said Lacson failed to be circumspect in brandishing allegations that turned out to be unsubstantiated because it appears his personal agenda is to make the Senate look good at the expense of the current House leadership.

“Sen. Lacson earlier said that he will verify and validate info from his sources and later claimed he stands by them. It’s very clear that his sources claims are only hearsay and a product of imagination as it was not property validated to be credible. If it was a movie script not only will it not sell, the plot from the start will not even qualify even as a fantasy movie, not even a comedy. If he stands by his source then at least give details of when the alleged plan was hatched, discussed because for sure they will not be able to complete this malicious and fabricated story,” said Villafuerte.

“I would like to reiterate that the alleged plan as mentioned by Sen. Lacson and his alleged sources never took place at any given time and venue. Again it’s coming from a polluted source with the intention to malign me, Speaker Alan (Peter Cayetano) and worse the House as an institution. The storyteller in this drama they are producing should have more credible and believable details otherwise it will backfire on them which is already happening,” said Villafuerte.

“At first we were puzzled why Lacson would come out with his fabricated allegations. We thought it was a political misunderstanding, but now it has become clear that his goal is to carry out a political hatchet job against the House and its members,” said Villafuerte.

“I would like to make it clear, as the Deputy Speaker for Finance, that the General Appropriations Bill (GAB) approved by the House last week is pork-free and without any illegal insertions,” said Villafuerte. “Also we would like to emphasize that the 18th Congress under the leadership of Speaker Alan has been passing bills in record breaking times quality measures without sacrificing extensive debates and discussions in the committees and in the plenary.”