Marcos asks PET for more time to file comment

October 30, 2019
Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

FORMER senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has asked the Presidential Electoral Tribunal for additional time to file his comment on his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. 

PET had given the Marcos and Robredo camps  up to November 10 to comment on the initial result of recount of votes in three pilot provinces, and on the former lawmaker’s motion to nullify votes in three Mindanao provinces.

“The photocopying of the voluminous documents related to the protest “has yet to commence” and Marcos is “constrained to move for the deferment of his deadline to submit his comments,” Marcos said in an omnibus motion.

At the same time, Marcos asked PET to deduct from his cash deposit all expenses to photocopy the documents.

Caguioa loses PET post

Meanwhile, Supreme Court  Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa is no longer the member-in-charge of Marcos’ electoral protest.

“Justice Caguioa is no longer the member in charge, because he was in the minority, he dissented so I think en banc will raffle the case,” retired senior associate justice Antonio Carpio disclosed. 

Under SC rules, when the member-in-charge loses in the vote, the case will have to be re-raffled to someone in the majority.

Caguioa and Carpio dissented in the recent 11-2 resolution of PET which required Marcos and Robredo to comment on the result of recount in three pilot provinces, among other matters.

For Caguioa and Carpio, the PET should have already dismissed Marcos’ protest because initial recount of 3 pilot provinces showed no substantial recovery for him.

Rule 65 of the 2010 PET rules says the tribunal may dismiss the protest altogether if it is convinced that based on the pilot recount, the protestant – or Marcos – “will most probably fail to make out his case.”