New chief magistrate lays out 10-point agenda

October 28, 2019

NEWLY-appointed Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta yesterday disclosed his 10-point agenda as head of the judiciary.

“My ten-point program is just the beginning and is not exclusive. There is still much to be done and accomplished as regards to case adjudication and court administration,” Peralta said during his first flag ceremony at the Supreme Court. 

“I need your full support and cooperation. I cannot carry out the plans and achieve the goals by myself but as I stressed, I shall lead by example,” he said.

His 10-point agenda are:

1. Elimination of backlog in the Supreme Court and all other courts;

2. Implementation of duly approved revised rules of court and the continuous revision of the rules of court and other rules of procedure

3. Incorporation of top technology in hearings and trials which will apply to both judicative and administrative processes of the court

4. Adoption of a system where the court may initiate on its own the investigation of cases being handled by members of the judiciary even in the absence of complaints

5. Strengthening the Office of the Court Administrator and implement the Judicial Integrity Board

6. Strengthening the security of justices, judges, and halls of justice

7. Setting up a 24/7 helpdesk in the Office of the Chief Justice

8. Monitoring the performance of all courts

9. Improvements in the procurement process through the creation of a designated office

10. Creation of a strategy planning management unit for organized planning, implementation, and evaluation of court projects.