No irregularities in Senate project

FAKE news!

That was how Public Relations and Information Bureau (PRIB) Director Raymundo Corro assailed reports insinuating irregularities in the Senate’s Gallery of Legacy project.

Corro refuted allegations that he singlehandedly carried out the project, the new main attraction inside the Senate which showcases the legacy of each elected senator of the 17th Congress, and did not adhere to government procurement laws.

The report, which came out in another tabloid, claimed that the payment for the project to the contractor, MANFRO, was settled in cash and coursed through a certain Jenny Corpuz, a consultant from the office of Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III.

“Contrary to reports there was nothing irregular about the Gallery of Legacy Wall project which was launched in October last year in coordination with the Office of the Senate President,” Corro said.

“Allegations of supposed irregularities are based on flimsy grounds and are therefore baseless. Any interested party who wishes to be informed on the matter can extract the truth from PRIB’s administrative officer, the financial management bureau chief and the Senate secretary... all will support my claims,” he even said.

The PRIB bureau chief questioned the credibility of the source of information, charging that the source remains anonymous.

“Any responsible and professional journalist knows the two-source rule principle and the need to base news articles on factual information, not on unverified sources,” said Corro.

“Any insinuation that this successful project was without the knowledge of the people who have a deeper understanding of the procurement law is just as good as fake news,” he added.

In the interest of fairness and accuracy in reporting, the PRIB bureau chief offered to be of help to the reporter behind the news article in getting his facts straight, including documents if need be.

Corpuz, for her part, slammed the report as baseless and downright malicious.

“I’d be happy to direct the writer of the article to the right people to get his facts right,” Corpuz said.

The Gallery of Legacy is one most visited places inside the Senate. This is an innovation conceptualized by Corpuz, PR head of the Senate President and a team of advertising professionals. No report on the irregularity of the project has been published or heard of since its unveiling.