Online sellers warned on sale of fake products

ONLINE selling companies will be facing  charges for selling  fake and pirated consumer goods.

This warning was issued by Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) Party-list Rep. Jericho Nograles to all shopping platforms such as Lazada, Shoppee, Carousell and others.

Nograles said  upon his research, he was disappointed that apart from fake consumers goods and items considered as drug paraphernalia, these online selling platforms also sell highly regulated products like medicines for humans and animals, weaponries, gun replicas, among others.

Medical and beauty items requiring subcutaneous injections that are supposedly administered by licensed doctors and medical professionals are openly sold on these online selling sites.

Vitamins, food supplements, antibiotics are also being sold without any guarantee that these products have passed through inspection by the Food and Drugs Administration and the Department of Health.

Likewise, Nograles confirmed, “even fake suka can be purchased by unwilling victims.”

“What if you get poisoned because the drug you ingested was not FDA-approved? What if a person dies because the glutathione drip that purchased online was fake or improperly administered? Who takes responsibility?” Nograles asked.

“Even the HIV Rapid Test Kit which has been banned for commercial sale by the Department of Health (DoH) are being sold in these online selling platforms. 

“HIV testing is supposed to be only done in DoH designated centers so that the lancets and other bio-hazardous wastes are properly disposed of. Likewise, any person tested positive of HIV can immediately avail of government assistance. I’m really surprised to find out that this is being sold commercially on these online selling sites because the DOH is active in policing the sale of rapid test kits,” Nograles added. 

And while the Optical Media Board (OMB) has been working hard and is largely successful in running after digital pirates who sells illegal copies of movies, songs and computer softwares in physical stores, these online selling platforms are providing pirates a safe refuge.

Nograles said  pirated computer softwares that are passed on as legal copies, ranging from operating systems, anti-virus packs, office software and even games.

According to the solon by facilitating the sale of these products,these online selling companies are also liable for violating a wide range of laws.