With or without Albayalde’s backing

October 07, 2019
Oscar D. Albayalde

Next PNP chief’s service reputation will count.

WITH or without the backing of embattled Philippine National Police chief General Oscar D. Albayalde, President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to choose a new Chief,PNP who has proven his worth and has a solid service reputation, active and retired police officials told the Journal Group yesterday.

“Competence, a very good service reputation, acceptance of the  PNP’s internal and external audience, loyalty to the Constitution and the Filipino people, that in the end would be the basis of the Commander-in-Chief in choosing a PNP chief and that would matter in the selection of Gen. Albayalde’s successor,” said a retired police general on condition of anonymity.

The retired official also debunked suggestions that whoever Gen. Albayalde will recommend to the President as his successor would get a “kiss of death.”

“Remember that Gen. Albayalde was the one who led the PNP to greater heights over the past 17 months where the public felt a significant reduction in crime and had expressed its appreciation to the police thru various surveys. He also did the same when he was the Metro Manila police director from July 2016 until he got the top PNP post,” he said.

Counting all those accomplishments, an active PNP official said that the only negative opinion on Albayalde right now is the 2013 Pampanga anti-narcotics operation which involved his intelligence officers led by then Superintendent Rodney Baloyo who since then has been demoted to the rank of Major and is now being held at the National Bilibid Prisons on order of the Senate.

“Counting all those factors, I don’t think that a police general who has a good service reputation, is highly-competent and is known for his loyalty to the Constitution and the Filipino people would be rejected by the President who is the appointing authority even though he has been recommended by Gen. Albayalde. I don’t think it would be a ‘kiss of death’ on the official who possesses all those qualities,” he said.

There were speculations that whoever gets the recommendation of Gen. Albayalde to replace him as Chief,PNP would get a ‘kiss of death.’

Since the PNP was created in 1991, past Philippine presidents, President Duterte not excluded, are known for asking for the list of the ‘Chief,PNP-tiables’ or the best candidates to replace him from the PNP chief himself.

In the case of Gen. Albayalde, it is an open secret that his classmate from Philippine Military Academy ‘Sinagtala’ Class of 1986, former PNP chief and now Senator Ronald “Bato” M. dela Rosa recommended him to President Duterte as his successor.

At least two very highly-reliable Journal Group sources have revealed that the President has chosen who will be Gen. Albayalde’s successor.

The Journal Group is withholding the identity of the official upon request of the two sources. However, the clue is the next PNP chief has letters ‘A’ and ‘R’ in his name.