PDEA head’s revelation found alarming

September 16, 2019
Aaron Aquino

SENATE Minority Leader Franklin Drilon, a former justice secretary, expressed alarm and disappointment over the admission of Dir. Gen. Aaron Aquino of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), that recycling of illegal drugs is still rampant despite the administration’s bloody war against illegal drugs that killed thousands of suspected drug users and pushers.

Drilon said that Aquino’s admission that confiscated drugs are being recycled with the assistance of law enforcers is a sign that the campaign against illegal drugs, the cornerstone of the Duterte administration, is failing.

“I am disgusted and dismayed by the report of the PDEA that recycling of shabu is rampant,” Drilon said.

“This is worrisome. This is a decades-old case of bantay-salakay, wherein the people who are given the task of enforcing the law insofar as drug trafficking is concerned are the ones who lead the anomalous practices,” Drilon said.

“Given that admission, I am not very optimistic about the success of the anti-drug campaign, in general,” he added.

Drilon praised Aquino for his candor, saying that this is needed so there can be a bi-partisan approach to solve this problem.

“We have to put an end to this horrible practice in order to win the campaign against illegal drugs,” he stressed.

He recalled how, as justice secretary, he would hear unbelievable and absurd excuses when he would question police officers on the discrepancy between the amount of confiscated illegal drugs and that presented to the court as evidence.

“When I was secretary of justice and this was years ago, I already heard of this when we would call our witness and confront him on the missing amount of drugs confiscated, he would say, ‘Sir, kinain po ng daga,’” Drilon said.