PNP cannot just re-arrest freed convicts

September 04, 2019
Oscar D. Albayalde

THE Philippine National Police (PNP) cannot just re-arrest convicts released through the Good Conduct Time Allowance(GCTA) law without any court order since the release order is irrevocable.

This was according to PNP chief General Oscar Albayalde.

Albayalde explained that if the released convicts did something against the law, that is the only time they can arrest them.

“If they do something against the law then we can re-arrest them for that offense, not for previous offense. That’s the least we can do … We need to get an order from the court ordering us to re-arrest, but on our own probably we cannot. The release is binding because it was signed by the director of the BuCor (Bureau of Corrections),” Albayalde said.

Records showed that a total of 1,941 convicts have been released earlier than their prison sentences since 2014 due to the GCTA law, including big-time drug pushers and three of the killers of the Chiong sisters in Cebu.

Albayalde stressed the only instance the PNP can arrest the convicts is when they commit a crime.

Albayalde said the least the PNP can do for now is to monitor the activities of the freed convicts, but lamented that they do not know who they are since the BuCor has not provided them a list of the released convicts.

“So if and when the BuCor would give us the list then probably we can start with the monitoring,” Albayalde explained.