PNP-CSG chief orders major revamp amid ‘no-take policy’

October 26, 2019

PHILIPPINE National Police Civil Security Group director Major General Roberto B. Fajardo yesterday said he has ordered a revamp which affected 27 key officers of the CSG, the Firearms and Explosives Office and the Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies amid allegations of corrupt practices contrary to his strict “no-take” policy.

Fajardo said  he ordered the revamp two months after he assumed the post and called on his men to strictly follow President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive for them to ensure the “ease of doing business,” particularly in the processing of simple transactions in just three days.

“However, we have discovered some anomalies in those units including the so-called ‘non-appearance’ and the highly-irregular practice of some officers to hold the release of already signed documents unless they are given grease money,” said Fajardo.

The official wanted to streamline the processing of permits and licenses in the FEO and the SOSIA so they can let their clients experience the convenience of the “Ease of Doing Business,” preferably within three days without sacrificing the requirement of the law.

“While implementing such orders, it is expected that resistance to change is in motion because the usual ‘Piso-Piso Click Transaction’ of some personnel will be immediately stopped. There are also reports of  ‘non-appearance’ in exchange for the grease money. Thus, the internal cleansing in CSG will be strengthened to fight such corruption against all odds,” Fajardo said.

Fajardo stressed there is a need to reorganize key positions in the entire CSG and appoint officers who are eager to take the lead for bigger and more challenges.

Fajardo has designated new faces in the CSG including Lieutenant Colonel Noli Q. Asuncion as pfficer-in-charge of the FEO Education and Enforcement Management Division; Lt. Col. Lorenzo Kim C. Cobre as OIC of the FEO Explosives Management Division; Lt. Col. Omer C. Cuadro as OIC of the FEO Firearms Licensing Division;  Lt. Col. Ali Jose A. Duterte as OIC of the SOSIA Security Licensing Division; and Lt. Col. Antonio C. Bilon Jr., as OIC of the SOSIA Enforcement Management Division.

The official said  other CSG, FEO and SOSIA assistant and section chiefs were also included in the major reshuffle.