PNP sees no security threat from soon-to-be ex-convicts

August 22, 2019

THE Philippine National Police (PNP) yesterday said they do not see any security threat to the public with the impending release of some 11,000 prison inmates.

PNP spokesman Brig.Gen. Bernard Banac said the PNP believes that these prisoners are no longer a security threat since they have already served their time in prison.

Banac said that if ever these prisoners commit any crime, the PNP is ready to arrest them.

“But if they will commit any crime again, we will definitely enforce the law and arrest them. Whoever commits a crime shall be held liable under the law, whether they are from the corrections or ordinary citizens,” Banac explained.

The statement was made in response to reports that 11,000 inmates will walk out of prison soon due to the revised rules on Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) under Republic Act 10592, which effectively shortens their jail terms due to good behavior.

“That is the purpose of the law. During the time that they are at the Bureau of Corrections, we hope that they will be reformed as part of our criminal justice system. We believe that after serving their time (in prison), they will repent and start a new life after they have served their punishment,” Banac stressed.

Banac said through the community, the government will be able to somehow monitor the former inmates particularly when they get involved in illegal activities.